Design of Automated Robotic System for Draping Prepreg Composite Fabrics

Lars-Peter Ellekilde, Jakob Wilm, Ole Wennerberg Nielsen, Christian Krogh, Ewa Kristiansen, Gudmundur Geir Gunnarsson, Thor Stærk Stenvang, Johnny Jakobsen, Morten Kristiansen, Jens Ammitzbøll Glud, Morten Hannemose, Henrik Aanæs, Joakim de Kruijk, Ingolf Sveidahl, Asim Ikram, Henrik Gordon Petersen

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This paper presents a novel solution for precision draping of prepreg composite fabrics onto double curved molds. Our contributions relate to system design, including hardware and software components, and to system integration. On the hardware side, design and implementation of a drape tool with up to 120 suction cups positioned individually by linear actuators are described. On the software side, design and implementation of the software architecture are presented, along with necessary algorithms within sensor technologies and mathematical modeling. The essential system’s components were verified individually, and the entire integrated system was successfully validated in the Proof-of-Concept experiments, performed on an experimental physical model of the system.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages16
Publication statusPublished - 24 Apr 2020


  • Industrial robotics
  • Composite manufacturing
  • System development
  • Automated draping process

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    Ellekilde, L-P., Wilm, J., Nielsen, O. W., Krogh, C., Kristiansen, E., Gunnarsson, G. G., Stærk Stenvang, T., Jakobsen, J., Kristiansen, M., Glud, J. A., Hannemose, M., Aanæs, H., de Kruijk, J., Sveidahl, I., Ikram, A., & Petersen, H. G. (2020). Design of Automated Robotic System for Draping Prepreg Composite Fabrics. Robotica.