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Introduction Telerehabilitation programmes have been attracting increasing attention as a potential alternative to conventional rehabilitation. Video conferencing can facilitate communication between healthcare professionals and patients. However, in certain cases, video conferencing may face practical limitations. As an alternative to real-time conferencing, sensor-based technologies can transmit the acquired data to healthcare providers. This study aimed to design and develop a sensor-based telerehabilitation programme and to outline the corresponding requirements for such a system. Development The development of the sensor-based telerehabilitation programme was carried out based on user needs. The programme includes a portable platform for the patient as well as a web-based platform for the healthcare professional, thus allowing for an individualised rehabilitation programme. Communication, training, reporting, and information services were provided for the patients. Moreover, the portability and usability of the programme were enhanced by utilising the system in offline mode as well. Application The programme is currently being tested in the North Denmark Region to assess the feasibility and acceptance of a telerehabilitation programme as an alternative solution to the self-training programme for patients who have been discharged from knee surgery. The preliminary results of our assessment showed a high level of acceptance among the users. Discussion In this study, a semi-online sensor-based telerehabilitation programme was tested. It is argued that a similar sensor-based telerehabilitation programme can be utilised as an alternative solution for self-training rehabilitation in the future; however; further studies and development are required to ensure the quality and reliability of sensor-based services.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere000022
JournalBMJ Health & Care Informatics
Issue number1
Number of pages7
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2019


  • knee rehabilitation
  • motion sensor
  • semi-online telemonitoring
  • telerehabilitation

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