Digitalisation in Environmental Assessment: International frontrunners

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The onset of the DREAMS project in October 2020 initiated an exploration of completed and ongoing international projects utilising digitalisation within environmental assessment (EA). The focus is on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

The purpose of this review is multifaceted and essentially help to:

• Establish a state-of-the-art: The accumulation of completed and ongoing projects for employing digital solutions within EA provides an overview of the current status of digital transformation in an international setting.

• Learn from international experience: Whether it be from completed or ongoing projects, there is accumulated knowledge from case studies that can provide valuable takeaways for informing future initiatives in adopting digital solutions.

• Facilitate a community of knowledge-sharing: There is an ambition to be able to continue the learning process and exchange of experiences among international actors. For this reason, a purpose of this review is also to promote a network between these international actors so that navigating the novel field of digital solutions involves an opportunity for mutual support.

• Understand DREAMS within the current digitalisation context: Being able to situate DREAMS within the current context of digital transformation permits an understanding of how the ambitions of DREAMS compare to international efforts.

This report is a documentation of the case studies, both describing the relevant digitalisation projects and the experience and reflections gained as a result of those initial projects. The content is based on interviews conducted in October and November 2020 with representatives from different organisations currently involved in the digitalisation of EA. This content was summarised by the authors of the report, and thereafter sent to the corresponding interviewees to guarantee accuracy and allow for commenting and review. The report is publicly available
to all interested readers.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherDanish Centre for Environmental Assessment (DCEA), Aalborg University.
Number of pages25
ISBN (Electronic)978-87-93541-23-8
Publication statusPublished - 2021


  • Environmental Assessment
  • Digitalization


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