Discardoverlevelse for garn og snurrevodsfiskeri - Faglig rapport

Translated title of the contribution: Discard survival for trammel net and Danish seine fishing

Rasmus Ern Andersen, Katrine Molbo, Trine Hammer Jensen, Sergey Kucheryavskiy, Iben Wiene Rathje, Hanne Lyng Winter , Peter R Møller, Niels Madsen

Research output: Book/ReportReportResearch


A landing obligation of quota-regulated fish species in the Common Fisheries Policy of the European Union includes an exception for species where there is scientific evidence of high survival rate. This project has investigated discard survival of European plaice (Pleuronectes platessa) from commercial fishing vessels using trammel net and Danish seine, and discard survival of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) from a commercial fishing vessel using trammel net. Furthermore, the project has assessed damages and reflex impairments incurred by fish during capture and during the subsequent period of observation of short-term discard survival, using Reflex Action Mortality Predictor (RAMP) and Catch-damage index (CDI) methodology. Experimental trials were conducted in the Western Baltic Sea in ICES sub-squares 23 (The Sound) and 22 (The Belt Sea), in collaboration with commercial fishers from Port of Korsoer, Sletten Harbour and Langø Harbour. For housing of fish during observation of observation of short-term discard survival, the project has developed collapsible, transportable livewells. The estimated discard survival was 100% for plaice from trammel net, 87% for plaice from Danish seine, and 89% for cod from the trammel net. Bruises, fin fraying, and netmarks were the predominant injuries and reflex impairments were absent from most fishes. Due to the high survival rate, it was not possible to correlate specific injuries and reflex impairments with mortality. The results have been presented at the ICES-FAO WGFTFB 2018 Annual Main Meeting (Hirtshals, Denmark) and at the 20th Danish Marine Research Meeting (Havforskermøde) at the University of Southern Denmark (Odense, Denmark). Furthermore, Two popular scientific articles have been written based on the results. One with the title: "Tossede regler: Når Bent Knudsen fanger en for lille rødspætte, må han ikke redde den ved at sætte den ud igen", which is printed in ‘Politiken’ in May 2018, and one with the title: "Genudsætning af rødspætter: død eller levende…", which is printed in ‘Aktuel Naturvidenskab’ in November 2018. Finally, results will be published in scientific journals. There is currently an article in review in the scientific journal "Fisheries Research" and two additional articles are in preparation. The results and conclusions of this project have already contributed to an exception of plaice fished with nets from the EU landing obligation in ICES area IIIa (Skagerrak and Kattegat) and area IV (North Sea).
Translated title of the contributionDiscard survival for trammel net and Danish seine fishing
Original languageDanish
Number of pages16
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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