Double U-Core Switched Reluctance Machine

Peter Omand Rasmussen (Inventor), Kristian Kongerslev (Inventor), Rasmus Jæger (Inventor), Simon Staal Nielsen (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


The present invention relates to an electrical machine stator comprising a plurality of stator segments (131,132,133), each segment comprises a first U-core and a second U-core wound with a winding, where the winding being arranged with at least one coil turn, each coil turn comprises a first axial coil segment and a second axial coil segment and one or more end segments, wherein the first and second axial coil segments are arranged in opposite directions to each other, and where the first U-core receives the first axial coil segment(s) and the second U-core receives the second axial coil segment(s), wherein the first U-core and the second U-core are located adjacent to each other, whereby the winding spans the first and second U-cores. The invention also relates to a SRM machine with a stator mentioned above and a rotor.
Original languageEnglish
IPCH02K 1/14 (2006.01), H02K 1/18 (2006.01), H02K 1/20 (2006.01), H02K 1/24 (2006.01), H02K 5/173 (2006.01), H02K 7/08 (2006.01), H02K 7/116 (2006.01), H02K 19/10 (2006.01)
Patent numberWO2016198079
Filing date10/06/2016
Priority date12/06/2015
Priority numberPA 2015 00335
Publication statusPublished - 15 Dec 2016


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Rasmussen, P. O., Kongerslev, K., Jæger, R., & Nielsen, S. S. (2016). IPC No. H02K 1/14 (2006.01), H02K 1/18 (2006.01), H02K 1/20 (2006.01), H02K 1/24 (2006.01), H02K 5/173 (2006.01), H02K 7/08 (2006.01), H02K 7/116 (2006.01), H02K 19/10 (2006.01). Double U-Core Switched Reluctance Machine. (Patent No. WO2016198079 ).