Exploring the relation between teacher practices, technology infrastructure and national curriculum: The case of the Goal Arrow

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The context of this poster is a design-based research project developing and testing the tool the Goal Arrow, which supports teachers’ work with objective-oriented (Undervisningsministeriet, 2015) teaching using the new Danish national curriculum standards. The tool was designed to help teachers express their own learning objectives for a class, articulate how these objectives relate to the national curriculum standards, and evaluate students’ progress in relation to the defined teacher objectives and the national curriculum standards (Misfeldt, Bundsgaard, Slot, Hansen, & Jespersen, 2015). This technology supports learning analytics by visualizing the extent to which national curriculum standards are met on both an individual and a class-based level. Teachers’ workflow of planning and conducting teaching with the Goal Arrow begins with setting up learning objectives, or Goal Arrows, and relating them to the Danish curriculum standards in a popup window . Each learning objective can then be evaluated on the level of individual pupils. In this poster, we explore the relation between teacher practice, technological infrastructure and national curriculum standards. We explore this using a single case where a teacher uses the Goal Arrow to connect national standards with specific learning objectives that he registered in the system. Using documentational genesis (Gueudet & Trouche, 2009), we show how rules and national curriculum standards become parts of the teachers’ resource systems together with the learning platform. This resource system influences the planned and enacted curricula and impact teachers’ work in ways not easily predicted. More specifically, we show how the technological infrastructure can constrain teachers’ conception of their professional agentic manoeuvrability in classroom contexts.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date2018
Number of pages15
Publication statusPublished - 2018
EventLearning Analytics Summer Institutes (LASI) Nordic 2018 - Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark
Duration: 29 Aug 201830 Aug 2018


ConferenceLearning Analytics Summer Institutes (LASI) Nordic 2018
LocationAalborg University

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