Integrated electrofuels and renewable energy systems

Research output: PhD thesis

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It is necessary to rethink the production cycle of needed gaseous or liquid hydrocarbons for some modes of transport while at the same time creating flexibility that will enable an extensive penetration of fluctuating sources into the electric grid. The aim of electrofuels, is to convert electrical energy into chemical energy by means of electrolysers, thus connecting fluctuating renewable energy to the vast amount of fuel storage already available in today’s energy systems.
The conducted research indicates that electrofuels for heavy-duty transportation are technically and economically viable in energy systems and could play an important role in future energy systems. The cross-sector approach in the fuel production, by redirecting the excess electricity to the transport sector, is creating the flexibility and storage buffer for fluctuating electricity. The key concern in the short term should be the development of critical technologies that are in common for the electrofuel production cycle, such as electrolysers, biomass gasification and carbon capture and recycling. The final fuels can be adjusted when the factors on the demand side of the transport sector are clearer.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2015

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