IT infrastructure planning from a North Denmark perspective: Major problems, consequences and possible solutions

Ole Brun Madsen, Thomas Phillip Knudsen

Research output: Working paperResearch

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This paper gives an overview of the more prominent problems in IT infrastructure evolution and in particular the neccessary planning process in Denmark. A discussion of consequences and possible solutions is presented. Through the DDN-project Nordjysk Netforum, NJNF, and its partners and attendant research at Aalborg University, AAU, it has become apparent that several problems pose significant hindrances to an efficient IT-infrastructrure planning and implementation. These problems range form awareness of IT-infrastructure issues, over education and research to main cause and possible solutions are proposed. These problems appear on the background of a dawning understanding of IT infrastructure as a crucial part of the modern society comparable to the recognised infrastructures, such as roads and electricity. The IT-infrastructure and the problems are placed in the context of the growing importance of IT in the information age. A short background and characterisation of the present IT-infrastructure is given and put in relief by a comparison with the electricity supply infrastructure.
Original languageDanish
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Publication statusPublished - 2004

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