Light and Media Projections in Patient Rooms: A preliminary case study

Stine Maria Louring Nielsen, Esben Oxholm Skjødt Bonde, Ellen Kathrine Hansen

Research output: Contribution to journalConference article in JournalResearchpeer-review


New media and lighting technology and new ways to connect and control it have the potential to improve the environment in hospitals with the goal of increasing patient satisfaction. How should such system be designed to do so and how can it be tested? In this paper it is investigated how a specific case, an interactive lighting and media system installed in a patient room, can be improved to support a greater experience of patient satisfaction. Through questionnaires given to 14 mothers who have just given birth and their husbands staying in an interactive patient room, the experience of staying in the room and the patient satisfaction have been assessed. The results from the questionnaires are hereto combined to data log on how the media system has been used, which additionally leads to a design evaluation for the interactive media system. The results imply several areas which can be improved to meet the specific needs of the patients and thereby provide higher patient satisfaction. Hereto, the main findings suggest that the control of the lighting needs to be less complicated, the different lighting settings needs to be better tailored to the actual needs, noise from the projector and light coming from the iPad needs to be reduced, and for critical situations, the medical equipment needs to be an exact copy of what the caregivers are used to.
Original languageEnglish
JournalARF – Architectural Research in Finland
Issue number1
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 2019
EventAnnual Symposium of Architectural Research 2017 - University of Oulu, Oulu School of Architecture, Oulu, Finland
Duration: 29 Nov 20172 Dec 2017
Conference number: 9th


ConferenceAnnual Symposium of Architectural Research 2017
LocationUniversity of Oulu, Oulu School of Architecture
Internet address


  • Media Projection
  • Lighting design
  • Interactive lighting
  • Patient Satisfaction


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