Management Strategies and Economic Development in Ghana: Doctoral Dissertation Volume 2

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Ghana has experienced a tumultuous political and economic history since its independence in 1957. But today it is among the handful of African nations that showcase the dreams and aspirations of Sub-Sahara Africa. In 2011 it achieved an impressive economic growth rate of 14.6 per cent and ranked as number 2 on the World Bank’s world economic growth list. It has also scored high on measures of civil liberty, political rights and political stability among other nations on the West African sub-continent. But Ghana still faces serious economic and social challenges and is, therefore, in search of new development models just like other SSA countries. It has also followed many other African countries in embracing private enterprise development as a model for growth.

This volume of the dissertation draws on three decades of research I have conducted into enterprise formation and management in the country to provides illustrations of the usefulness of the human capability development framework presented in volume one as a foundation for sustainable and inclusive economic development in SSA. It also highlights the challenges that the country continues to grapple with and provides some directions for further research.
Original languageDanish
Place of PublicationAalborg
Number of pages300
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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