Marine Environmental History

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This essay provides an overview of recent trends in the historiography of marine environmental history, a sub-field of environmental history which has grown tremendously in scope and size over the last c. 15 years. The object of marine environmental history is the changing relationship between human society and natural marine resources. Within this broad topic, several trends and objectives are discernable. The essay argue that the so-called material marine environmental history has its main focus on trying to reconstruct the presence, development and environmental impact of past fisheries and whaling operations. This ambition often entails a reconstruction also of how marine life has changed over time. The time frame rages from Paleolithicum to the present era. The field of marine environmental history also includes a more culturally oriented environmental history, which mainly has come to more closely research the development of individual fisheries and the practices, thoughts and ideas of marine life in the sea. Past conflicts between fishermen, managers and scientists are often at the forefront, while in depth studies of the evolvement of marine science and its societal impact, especially through management, also feature prominently. The essay further points to future opportunities, where only little research has been undertaken so far. This includes studies on seafood and consumption as well as aquaculture.
Translated title of the contributionMarin miljøhistorie
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SeriesEncyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS)

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