When large firms choose to involve their many suppliers in open innovation, they are faced with a set of challenges pertaining to the governance of several suppliers. Suppliers are heterogeneous, offering heterogeneous materials, products, information, services, and knowledge, which are differently organized across functions and hierarchies. To make use of such heterogeneous resources, a critical challenge for open innovation is to pair a supplier resource with a suitable opportunity-for-use from within the firm – a challenge of matching. This dissertation addresses the challenge of matching heterogeneous suppliers with the internal organisation in order to openly innovate. More specifically, it focuses on a governance mode, recently emerged in practice, by which firms summon their suppliers and their own internal organisation at an event to match them for open innovation activities – innovation summits. This doctoral dissertation pursues an understanding of these innovation summits, striving to answer four central questions: 1) What are innovation summits? 2) How may innovation tasks be framed for innovation summits? 3) How are innovation summits organised? 4) What is the outcome of innovation summits?
Original languageEnglish
  • Johansen, John, Principal supervisor
  • Andersen, Poul Houman, Co-supervisor
Publication statusPublished - 2017

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