Mobile Imaging Trailers: A scoping review of CT and MRI modalities

Nanna Illemann, Thorbjørn Martens Illemann

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Mobile Imaging Trailers enable moving diagnostic imaging equipment between locations requiring very little setup and configuration, example given CT-scanners and MRI-scanners. However, despite the apparent benefits of utilising these imaging capabilities, very little research on the subject exists. This study aims at gaining an overview of the current state of the literature, using the scoping review methodology.

The systematic literature search was conducted in three databases: Scopus, Embase and PubMed. Included sources were extracted based on the objectives of the scoping review, and inspired by the by PRISMA-ScR.

29 papers were included.

The results of the review showed that three general categories of research on this subject exist – trailers used in research, trailers as the object of research and trailers as an element or tool of the research. Of these, the most prevalent one used is the latter – trailers used as an element or tool of the research. This; however, is an issue for the use of trailers in a clinical setting, as very little research has been conducted on how they might be used and how they compare to fixed installations. As seen during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the potentials for the use of MITs are immense; however, with the current lack of knowledge and understanding, the full potential has not been realised, suggesting further research should be focused in this area.

Implications for practice
This study has shown that the limited research in the area does point towards a few benefits of MITs; however, there is a clear lack of sufficient research on the field to say this with confidence.
Original languageEnglish
Issue number2
Pages (from-to)431-439
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2024


  • Mobile health unit
  • Mobile imaging trailer
  • Scoping review


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