Music for Hemodialysis patients

B Gross, F Ketema Wassie, Hanne Agnholt, R Bjerre, Birgitte Schantz Laursen

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Music for hemodialysis patients


Patients starting a new regimen of dialysis often experience anxiety and other psychological disturbances. They struggle with the unknown situation, feelings of uncertainty and on top of that, a high level of sophisticated technological equipment.

Music is known from literature to influence and dampen anxiety and tension and has been used for millennia in the treatment of illness. Here we report a study on the influence of music on patients undergoing dialysis and whether music has a potential for lowering discomfort in patients during first-time dialysis.



To investigate whether music can reduce feelings of anxiety, tension and restlessness in patients new to dialysis treatment and make them more relaxed during the treatment.



Twenty patients aged 42-84 were selected for participation in the study, which took place over two separate dialysis treatments. A crossover design was chosen and patients split in two groups. Group one would listen to music during the first treatment but not the second time. Group two would listen to music during the second treatment but not the first. Questionnaires and a special audio and music program created by the Danish composer Niels Eje were used.



This study shows that patients undergoing their first dialysis can have a positive experience and lower level of discomfort from listening to music during dialysis.

Analysis of the questionnaire showed that patients listening to music were unaffected by alarms given by the machine during dialysis.

The musical genre used in the study was well suited for patients undergoing first-time dialysis, as 80% (n=16) of the patients were pleased with the music.

Although this is only a preliminary study with a limited number of patients, it shows an indication of music having a positive effect on patient anxiety and tension during their first dialysis treatment. As a direct consequence, the department has purchased a music player for use both by patients undergoing first-time dialysis and by more experienced patients in dialysis showing anxiety during treatment.

These results will be published in relevant professional connections.



Original languageEnglish
Publication date2010
Publication statusPublished - 2010
Externally publishedYes
Event 39th EDTNA/ERCA International Conference : Moving forward together: Education & Innovation in Renal Care - Dublin, Ireland
Duration: 18 Sept 201021 Sept 2010


Conference 39th EDTNA/ERCA International Conference : Moving forward together: Education & Innovation in Renal Care


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