Natural Materials - Materiality and construction of sustainable buildings - A one-to-one experience

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Natural materials are offered with a variety in almost every location. Using their potential in contemporary architecture diminishes the environmental impact of buildings. Distinct local architectural designs can be developed which are suited to the local building tradition and the local climate conditions.
This brochure constitutes the practical outcome of an experimental construction process in the course, Materiality and Construction of Sustainable Buildings, which was conducted during the period March 12th – May 10th 2019.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Runa T. Hellwig. CREATE. Dep. of Architecture Design and Media Technology,, +45 9940 3627
Original languageEnglish
PublisherCREATE, Arkitektur, Aalborg University
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 2020

Bibliographical note

Coordinator: Runa T. Hellwig
Supervisors: Anne K. Bejder, Tine S. Larsen, Agathe Revil-Signorat, Camilla Brunsgaard, Dario Parigi, Runa T. Hellwig
Lectures by: Tine S. Larsen, Anne K. Bejder, Runa T. Hellwig, Camilla Brunsgaard, Marwa Dabaieh, Dario Parigi, Mads B. Jensen
Special thanks to: Bjarne Johansen, Tækkemanden fra True, for an inspiring and instructive introduction to the craft of reed thatching
Workshop team: Poul Lund, Jens Munk Clemmensen & Peter Skotte. Many thanks for your great help and support during the workshop!
Exhibition team: Johanne Lyngklip Gaardbo, Emilie Hellerup, Mathias Flügel, Anne K. Bejder, Runa T. Hellwig
Brochure design: Emilie Hellerup
Photos: Jens Munk Clemmensen, Anne K. Bejder, Inaam C. Ramløse


  • natural materials
  • 1:1 model
  • Teaching
  • Integrated Design
  • Sustainable architecture
  • circular economy
  • Life Cycle Assessment


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