Frank Fitzek (Inventor), Janus Heide (Inventor), Morten Videbæk Pedersen (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Network coding by beam forming in networks, for example, in single frequency networks, can provide aid in increasing spectral efficiency. When network coding by beam forming and user cooperation are combined, spectral efficiency gains may be achieved. According to certain embodiments, a method includes operating a user equipment of a plurality of user equipment in a network comprising a plurality of access points. The method also includes the user equipment forming a beam. The method further receives processing received signals from at least one of the plurality of access points at the user equipment. The forming the beam is configured to let different user equipment of the plurality of user equipment to receive different signals from the plurality of access points to achieve diversity by using different beams amongst the plurality of user equipment. The method additionally includes cooperating with the plurality of user equipment to decode the received data.
Original languageEnglish
IPCWO 2012/114141 A1
Patent number2011/000362
Filing date22/02/2011
Publication statusPublished - 30 Aug 2013

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Applicants: Nokia Corporation, Finland (For All Designated States Except US).
NOKIA, INC. [US/US]; (US) (LC only).
FITZEK, Frank, H.P. [DK/DK]; (DK) (For US Only).
HEIDE, Janus [DK/DK]; (DK) (For US Only).
PEDERSEN, Morten, V [DK]; (DK)(For US Only).


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