On the Role of Creativity in Sport

Research output: PhD thesis

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The meaning of creativity is indeed the single most perplexing issue within creativity research, with approaches spanning from personal experiences of insight to revolutionary creations with historic impact. Posing this question in competitive sport does not reduce the complexity of creativity.
This PhD thesis traces out the field of creativity studies in sport, which covers a smorgasbord of ideas about creativity, with diverse practical consequences for sport participants. In this growing field, the meaning of creativity ranges from the aesthetical quality of novel game solutions to a capacity of talents to solve problems in their everyday life.
Besides displaying performance- and result-oriented ideas concerning the role of creativity in sport, predominant research in the field is absorbed in defining, measuring and developing creativity as an outcome of distinct kind of sport participation rather than an integral part of it.
Nuancing the dialogue regarding the meaning, value and application of creativity among sport researchers and practitioners, this PhD thesis challenges the narrow, but predominant, idea that creativity is an in-game phenomenon, reserved for the best offensive, match-decisive players on a team, who are able to deke opponents, and produce chances.
Original languageEnglish
  • Østergaard, Lars Domino, Principal supervisor
  • Glăveanu, Vlad Petre, Co-supervisor, External person
Electronic ISBNs978-87-7210-558-1
Publication statusPublished - 2019

Bibliographical note

PhD supervisor:
Associate Professor Lars Domino Østergaard, Aalborg University

Assistant PhD supervisor:
Associate Professor, Vlad Petre Glăveanu, Webster University, Geneva Campus

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