Optimal Input Strategy for Plug and Play Process Control Systems

Martin Nygaard Kragelund, John-Josef Leth, Rafal Wisniewski

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This paper considers the problem of optimal operation of a plant, which goal is to maintain production at minimum cost. The system considered in this work consists of a joined plant and redundant input systems. It is assumed that each input system contributes to a flow of goods into the joined part of the plant where the commodities (outputs) are produced. A profit function with a certain regular structure is defined for such a plant. Then the profit is maximized subject to tracking of a given reference production. The work shows whether a new input ought to be included in the system to improve the performance of the plant. The results are applied to a coal fired power plant where an additional
new fuel system, gas, becomes available.
Original languageEnglish
JournalI E E E Conference on Decision and Control. Proceedings
Pages (from-to)2474 - 2479
Publication statusPublished - 2010
Event49th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control - Atlanta, United States
Duration: 15 Dec 201017 Dec 2010


Conference49th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
CountryUnited States


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