Power-Consumption Measurements for LTE User Equipment: Agilent Application Note

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If you are designing smartphone chipsets or operating a mobile network, you need to determine how certain parameters affect a speciic smartphone’s power consumption and igure out how to adjust the parameters to improve battery life. In this application note we show how to use the Agilent E6621A PXT wireless communications test set and the Agilent N6705B DC power analyzer to establish a power consumption model for LTE user equipment (UE). The model is useful when you need to examine the UE battery life in
system-level simulations.
We will explain how the Agilent equipment can be used in manual tests, but we do not discuss how to make automated tests (for example, using VEE software).
In this application note, we analyze smartphones adhering to the 3GPP LTE standard [1].
Original languageEnglish
Place of Publicationwww.agilent.com
PublisherAgilent Technologies
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2014

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