Projections of Cyber Attacks on Stability of DC Microgrids - Modeling Principles and Solution

Minrui Leng, Subham Sahoo, Frede Blaabjerg, Marta Molinas

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Microgrids relying on cooperative control are supported by communications, which are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks. A significant amount of research is already carried out on the detection and mitigation of cyberattacks to secure the operation of dc microgrids. Although cyberattacks are fully capable of causing cascaded converter outages leading to full/partial system blackouts, disturbing the system stability can also be a viable target by the adversaries, which has been overlooked so far. Hence, this article focuses on addressing the instability caused by stealth cyberattacks, which can easily bypass the well-defined observability tests. In addition, this article also introduces a novel adaptive stabilization method to eliminate the unstable modes due to cyberattacks, which has been designed considering a previously defined cyberattack detection metric as an input. To investigate its feasibility, a detailed model of a stable dc microgrid is first developed. Then, considering stealth cyberattack as a nonlinear element, the describing function-based method is used to investigate system stability under attack conditions. Finally, theoretical analysis, simulation, and experimental results under various scenarios are presented to verify the effectiveness of the proposed stabilization scheme.

Original languageEnglish
JournalI E E E Transactions on Power Electronics
Issue number10
Pages (from-to)11774-11786
Number of pages13
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2022


  • Cybersecurity
  • Microgrids
  • DC Microgrid
  • Stability
  • control theory
  • Modeling
  • Stability Mitigation
  • Cyber-physical energy systems
  • Power electronics
  • Power Systems
  • Cyber Attacks
  • describing function
  • Cyberattacks
  • stealth attacks
  • microgrid
  • stability


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