Single Carrier Transmission for UTRA LTE Uplink

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In this chapter, we have presented the key techniques for LTE uplink as well as presented the baseline performance. Radio access technology is the key aspect in LTE uplink and two radio access schemes, SC-FDMA and OFDMA, are studied. The performance results are obtained from a detailed UTRA LTE uplink link level simulator. The simulation results show that both SC-FDMA and OFDMA can achieve a high spectral efficiency, however SC-FDMA benefits in obtaining lower PAPR than OFDMA, especially for low order modulation schemes. 1x2 SIMO antenna configuration highly increases the spectral efficiency of SC-FDMA making the performance of SC-FDMA with MMSE receiver comparable to OFDMA, especially at high coding rate. The peak spectral efficiency results for SC-FDMA confirm that it meets with the requirement to achieve a spectral efficiency improvement of 2 or 3 times that of 3GPP rel.6. Despite of an increase in base station receiver complexity, the turbo equalizer can reduce the noise enhancement in the SC-FDMA system. Results show that a turbo equalizer receiver for SIMO system can improve the BLER performance by almost 1 dB compared to a traditional MMSE receiver. Most of the performance gain is obtained with 2 iterations of the algorithm. Furthermore, the simulation results show that the SC-FDMA turbo equalizer performance is better or equal to OFDMA for all the modulation and coding schemes. A non linear power amplifier introduces in-band performance degradation and increase the out-of band emission. The simulation results confirm that SC-FDMA is more robust against the non-linear power amplifier as it achieves a high spectral efficiency also in the presence of non-linearities. This leads to better power amplifier efficiency which can be used to increase the cell coverage.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationLong Term Evolution : 3GPP LTE Radio and Cellular Technology
EditorsBorko Furht, Syed A. Ahson
Place of PublicationBoca Raton, Florida
PublisherCRC Press
Publication date2009
ISBN (Print)9781420072105
Publication statusPublished - 2009
SeriesInternet and Communications


  • Turbo Equalization
  • Spectral Efficiency


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