Some Tests on Heather Field Moraine Clay

Mogens B. Jørgensen, Moust Jacobsen

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    This report deals with oedometer tests on three samples of moraine clay from the Heather Field in the English part of the North Sea. The tests have been carried out in the very unelastic apparatus used in Denmark and with special test procedures differing from the ones used elsewhere.

    In Denmark Moraine Clay covers a large part of the surface, and it has therefore been investigated extensively in the field and in the laboratories during the last 25 years. It is to day - from a geotechnical point of view - the best known clay in Denmark. It could therefore be of some interest to compare the English North Sea moraine clays with the corresponding Danish Moraine Clays.

    The Danish test procedures are explained in details and some comments are given in the hope that they may not be banalities all of them.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationAalborg
    PublisherInstitute of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University Centre
    Number of pages18
    Publication statusPublished - 1979


    • Moraine Clay
    • Triaxial Tests
    • Oedometer
    • Oedometer Tests


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