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In recent years, urban research has taken a ‘mobilities turn’. There has been a developing realisation that mobilities do not ‘just happen.’ Mobilities are carefully and meticulously designed, planned and staged (from above). However, they are equally importantly acted out, performed and lived as people are ‘staging themselves’ (from below). Staging mobilities is a dynamic process between ‘being staged’ (for example, being stopped at traffic lights) and the ‘mobile staging’ of interacting individuals (negotiating a passage on the pavement). Staging mobilities is about the fact that mobility is more than movement between point A and B. It explores how the movement of people, goods, information, and signs influences human understandings of self, other and the built environment. Moving towards a new understanding of the relationship between movement, interaction and environments, the project asks: what are the physical, social, technical, and cultural conditions to the staging of contemporary urban mobilities? The theoretical framing in the Staging mobilities book is applied to four in-depth cases in the accompanying volume Designing mobilities.This book explore how places, sites, and systems 'hosting' these multiple and complex mobilities are designed and how they are staging these in terms of their physical layout. By analysing specific cases of ‘mobilities design’ related to the four modes of moving; Walk, Bike, Train, and Car, the book uncover important and until now neglected areas of social and cultural importance. Taken together the two volumes form a dissertation that both makes a theoretical and empirical contribution to the ‘mobilities turn’, as well as an innovative approach to bridging design research and mobilities research by articulating a new research field of ‘mobilities design’. The dissertation is published in two volumes: Jensen, O. B. (2013) Staging Mobilities, London: Routledge and Jensen, O. B. (2014) Designing Mobilities, Aalborg: Aalborg University Press.
Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • Mobilities
  • Mobilities Design
  • Urban Design

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