User preferences in Stenløse Syd: House owners’ and tenants’ perspective on energy efficient dwellings

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This report studies the preferences of house owners and tenants in Stenløse Syd (Stenløse Syd) - a new urban development project with low energy dwellings. The aim of the study has been to create more knowledge about aspects that may promote or hamper low energy dwellings in order to develop the mar-ket for this type of buildings. The report is a delivery of work package 1 in the European Concerto project called ‘Class 1’. This project was launched on the basis of the experiences of the Danish municipality of Egedal who initiated an urban development project explicitly promoting energy efficient buildings. The main focus of the study is the target groups that these dwellings have appealed to, and it reports on basic demographic and socio-economic features of the residents as well as their set of motivations to buy/rent a dwelling in this particular settlement, including the importance of the low energy perspective. The report concludes that the residents generally are very positive towards low energy dwellings, and the low energy requirements posed in Stenløse Syd do not per se seem to discourage any potential buyers. However, the survey also concludes that the environment is just one aspect of choosing a dwelling, and for most residents the environment is not the most important. Therefore the report argues that environmental perspectives by themselves do not work as a motivating factor for most people. Another important point is that the clients develop knowledge and competences about the environment during the building process. The report confirms the complexity of residents’ preferences in relation to their choice of dwelling and to the patterns of moving, and draws some interesting pictures of role of environmental aspects. As this has not been the focus of many investigations, hopefully this report will contribute to the knowledge basis about user preferences and further inspire national and European authorities and other stakeholders on how to support low energy dwellings.
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Publication statusPublished - 2009
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