User Requirements for Wireless

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In most IT system development processes, the identification or elicitation of user requirements is recognized as a key building block. In practice, the identification of user needs and wants is a challenge and inadequate or faulty identifications in this step of an IT system development can cause huge problems with the final product. The elicitation of user requirements as such changes according to age groups;, to gender,; to cultural settings,; and into time; and experience in the use of the system/software. User requirements, therefore, cannot be used between projects, IT systems, and different software. That makes the elicitation of user requirements an inherent part of any software development project and a resourceful activity as well.

This book provides insights to the process of identifying user requirements and to different types by describing varying case studies in which technologies or software has been developed. A variety of user requirements are provided illustrating the effect of changing the targeted user group with respect to age,; to the context and the different technologies or software as well as to the difference in viewpoint on ways of involving users in the elicitation process.

Cases and user requirement elements discussed in the book include:
User requirements elicitation processes for children, construction workers, and farmers
User requirements for personalized services of a broadcast company
Variations in user involvement
Practical elements of user involvement and requirements elicitation
Usable security requirements for design of privacy
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Publication statusPublished - Apr 2015


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