Wurf.it: A Network Coding Reliable Multicast Content Streaming Solution: - ns-3 Simulations and Implementation

Nestor Hernandez, Jeppe Pihl, Janus Heide, Jeppe Krigslund, Morten V. Pedersen, Péter Vingelmann, Daniel Enrique Lucani Roetter, Frank Hanns Paul Fitzek

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One of the proven benets of Network Coding (NC) is to achieve the data capacity for multicast networks. However, even though there has been a signicant amount of research
in this area, potentials demonstrators of these capabilities have not been widely shown or deployed. Thus, in this work we present a set of pre-computed ns-3 simulations to model
the behaviour of Wurf.it, a Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC)-based reliable multicast solution for content distribution with cross-platform support. Wurf.it is based on
Kodo, a C++11 network coding library that provides the primitive encoding and decoding functionalities and a Simple COded REliability Protocol (SCORE), for erasure correcting
purposes in single-hop multicast networks. In this sense, the simulations are shown as part of the modeling required to evaluate the theoretical aspects for the perfomance
of Wurf.it. Therefore, our demonstrator consists of stored simulations with ns-3 in a laptop and a Wurf.it implementation within a WiFi network. For the implementation, a video content from a mobile camera is distributed with low delay using SCORE to a set of heterogenous receivers (e.g. dierent platforms). Use cases of Wurf.it are mild to highly crowded
scenarios, for example: sports stadiums, airports,
service-waiting areas and museums.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date16 Jun 2016
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - 16 Jun 2016
EventThe Workshop on ns-3 - Seattle, United States
Duration: 15 Jun 201616 Jun 2016


ConferenceThe Workshop on ns-3
CountryUnited States
Internet address


  • Network protocol design
  • Network performance modeling
  • Network simulations; Wireless local area networks


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