The future challenges in the electricity supply like the increasing demand and more distributed and intermittent generation, to negotiate the global environmental concerns, calls for implementation of intelligent or smart grids. These smart grids are expected to integrate all diverse types of generations and consumers and thereby, provide an active demand side management in the system operation to foster energy efficiency, grid stability and reliability. The rapidly increasing wind energy penetration and thereby, high volatility in the electricity price in the Danish power system can be fully facilitated through responsive demands, smart metering and dynamic pricing. Further, constantly changing generation and load alters the fault power of the system and may impact the protection schemes.

This project aims to develop and validate control and protection system architectures to incorporate and coordinate the elements of smart grids, mainly the smart meters and controllable loads, while taking into account the information and communication technology (ICT) characteristics.
Effective start/end date01/05/201231/03/2016

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