European Conference on Sound Insulation in Housing

Rasmussen, B. (Organizer)

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COST TU0901 Final Conference Program - Current situation, reason for action, scope COST Action / Birgit Rasmussen (DK), TU0901 Chair - Sound insulation requirements essential for health and protection / Marc Goethals (BE), cardiologist - Housing stock, living habits and ongoing changes: acoustic consequences / Luís Bragança (PT), prof. Sustainable Building - How can the EU regulatory structure for construction products accommodate demands on the acoustic performance? / Tapani Mikkeli (BE), Head of Sustainable constructions, EC-DG Enterprise and Industry - Strategic Choices to promote the TU0901 proposals / Bart Ingelaere (BE) - TU0901 WG 2: Acoustic surveys & Listening tests / Christian Simmons (SE) & Monika Rychtarikova (BE) - TU0901 WG 1: Sound insulation descriptors and translation & proposal acoustic classification system for dwellings / Eddy Gerretsen (NL) & Birgit Rasmussen (DK) - TU0901 WG 3: Typical constructions, acoustic performance, workmanship and verification / Sean Smith (UK) The conference was an international event with 135 participants from 29 countries. Conference participants got a printed book (196 p) COST Action TU0901 – Towards a common framework in building acoustics throughout Europe. ISBN: 978-84-616-7124-3. Now out-of-stock. An e-book is under preparation.
Period3 Dec 2013
Event typeConference
LocationCopenhagen, Denmark


  • building acoustics, sound insulation, housing, acoustic classification schemes, construction types