Non-culture-based studies of the appendiceal microbiota: a systematic review - Table S1

  • Jacob Antonsen (Creator)
  • Matilde Winther-Jensen (Creator)
  • Lasse T Krogsboll (Contributor)
  • Tine Jess (Creator)
  • Lars Nannestad Jorgensen (Creator)
  • Kristine Allin (Creator)



Aims: To review studies examining the appendiceal microbiota and microbial changes in acute appendicitis. Methods: After a systematic literature search, 11 studies examining the appendiceal microbiota (414 samples) using non-culture-based methods were included. Results: The appendiceal microbiota showed decreased α-diversity compared with fecal microbiota. Inflamed and uninflamed appendices showed differences in β-diversity, and there was an increased abundance of oral-associated bacteria in inflamed versus uninflamed appendices. Conclusion: The appendiceal microbiota exhibits lower α-diversity than the fecal microbiota, with an increased abundance of oral-associated bacteria. Compared with uninflamed appendices, the appendix microbiota in acute appendicitis also showed increased abundance of oral-associated bacteria, but no bacterial profile unique to either complicated or uncomplicated appendicitis was found.
Date made available2023
PublisherFuture Science Group

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