Synthetic patients with chronic coronary syndrome



Synthetic STATA dataset of patients referred for testing with suspected chronic coronary syndrome The dataset in constructed using synthpop The data is derived from the dataset used in: Winther, S., Schmidt, S. E., Mayrhofer, T., Bøtker, H. E., Hoffmann, U., Douglas, P. S., Wijns, W., Bax, J., Nissen, L., Lynggaard, V., Christiansen, J. J., Saraste, A., Bøttcher, M., & Knuuti, J. (2020). Incorporating Coronary Calcification Into Pre-Test Assessment of the Likelihood of Coronary Artery Disease. Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 76(21), 2421-2432.
Date made available6 May 2020

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