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The Demo Project may be understood as the end goal of CTR3 and furthermore as link to the other cost transformation projects (CTR1 and CTR2) on the highest subject level.
The Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Development Centre (DHRTC) has the objective to minimize CAPEX and OPEX for the existing and planned offshore structures in the Danish sectors of the North-Sea, to an extent facilitating a significant increased total reservoir recovery with no compromises to safety and reliability for personnel and qualities of the environment.
Short titleCTR3 Demo
Effective start/end date01/05/201801/01/2024


  • Integrity management
  • load modeling
  • deterioration modeling
  • response modeling
  • failure modeling
  • operations modeling
  • probabilistic modeling
  • load analysis
  • structural analysis
  • deterioration analysis
  • probabilistic analysis
  • structural health monitoring
  • statistical analysis
  • decision analysis
  • value of information


Risk and Value of Information

Brüske, H., Faber, M. H., Brinker, R. & Silva Nabuco, B.


Project: Research