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The primary objective of this Ph.D.‐project is to develop an analytical methodology for assessing power system stability and to quantify or indicate the system stability for grid planning purposes in the Danish transmission system considering high share of RESs. The objectives are achieved through the following sub‐objectives and goals:
-Identify the technical consequences of increased integration of different types of inverter and converter-based resources in a perspective of power system stability
-Identify the necessary stability indices including the development of new ones that are necessary to screen instability risks for high-penetration converter-based systems
-Validation of the proposed indices against simulations and measurements
Effective start/end date01/06/202331/05/2026

Collaborative partners

  • Energinet SOV


  • Energinet SOV: DKK868,059.98


  • Stability
  • Power Engineering
  • Transmission Grid
  • Indeces
  • Models


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