Enterprise Modeling and Performance Optimisation for SME's

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The objective of the project is to developand implement a software tool that will enable Small and Medium Sizedmanufacturing companies to increase their competitiveness by modelling andoptimising their manufacturing enterprises, as an holsitic entity , against aset of strategic key performance indicators.

The EMPOSME tool will enable the experiencedpractitioner within an SME to accomplish the following:

-     - Rapidly model and accurately represent allof the Entities (e.g. sales orders) and Resources (e.g. People and Machines)within the typical firm via a visually appealing user Interface.

-     - Enable the practitionerto define his multi-criteria Enterprise Objective function or goal.

-     - Enable the manager torapidly diagnose and resolve resource conflicts that emerge frequently withinan enterprise.

-     - Enable the manager toevaluate the proposed solution and deploy it to people that complete the valuegeneration activities within the firm.

-     - To develop and implementan integrated software solution in connection with sales orders

Participants: University of Limerick(Ireland), University of Pragh (Czech), University Colledge Corc (Ireland) ,Duisburg-Essen University (Germany), Fira International (United Kingdom),Manopt Systems (Ireland), Nexedi Sarl (France), Burnside (Ireland), Tippo(Ireland), Dolle (Denmark), Morsø (Denmark), Marshall (United Kingdom).

Funded by the European Union.

Budget: 871000 €.

Project period: 2005-2007.

Effective start/end date31/12/200531/12/2007


  • European Union


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