Intelligent Logistics

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The aim of the project is to increase the use of new technological
opportunities through integration, simulation and visualisation of intelligent
logistics systems. Focus is to ensure better utilisation of exciting systems
through development of new interfaces and integration components between
systems and through development of new applications for dynamic simulation.
This will help local companies developing their competitiveness.

The project focus on development and technical
opportunities, better applications for exciting technologies/systems and there
is an essential level of practical testing and demonstrations og the
application of technologies in the project.

The six case companies in the INLOG project are Tican,
Rose Poultry, Migatronic, Printca, Skamol and Segezha.

The INLOG project is carried through in collaboration
with Vækstforum.

Short titleInlog
Effective start/end date01/10/200801/10/2010


  • Vækstforum


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