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The purpose of the project was to enhance the interaction between custom products and the delivery system of the company.
The project takes a starting point in existing knowledge within product configuration and Supply Chain Planning and consists of the following activities:

- Further development and adaptation of the reference model SCOR in relations to methods, techniques and competencies, which can support better interaction.
From the four pillars in SCOR, this project will revolve around "Processes" and "Metrics" in the "engineer-to-order" supply chain.
- Testing of the reference model at Chemometec, Pinol and TC Electronic, who all produce custom and/or customised products.
The work in the project is partly focused on the management, who should have an overview of their business processes both externally as well as internally and partly focused on the implementation process regarding decision and process supporting tools.
- Formation of a test forum with companies, who are participating in testing the reference model and gathering experience i connection with the use and implementation of SCOR.

The test forum consisted of Grundfos, Martin Professional, Bang & Olufsen, Schur Pack and Vestas. The project group in the LEVUS project consisted of Aalborg University, the Danish Technological University and Copenhagen Business School.
Effective start/end date15/11/200231/12/2004


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