Spectrally Efficient Fixed Wireless Network based on Dual Standards (STRIKE)<em/>

  • Frattasi, Simone (Project Participant)
  • Cianca, Ernestina (Project Participant)
  • Giorgi, Piero (Project Participant)

Project Details


STRIKE proposes a spectrally efficient broadband access, including both high coverage and (QoS) guarantee by using interworking networks. The high coverage is brought by a dual standard delivery (HiperMAN) (outside area) and (HiperLAN) (inside area). Interworking is assured between these two broadband standards. Quality of Service High Performance Metropolitan Area Network High Performance Local Area Network The QoS will be assured at the highest level covering both links. To guarantee QoS, the transition from one standard to another has been done at the Ethernet level, allowing high data rate streaming applications. The spectral efficiency is brought by (MUD) techniques for the uplink optimisation, and pre-equalisation for the downlink ( (MTMR) techniques). These techniques increase the number of simultaneous users in the same cell without any deep modification of the transmission standards, for both HiperMAN and HiperLAN. The higher layers (DLC) has been modified to take into account the capacity increase brought by the MTMR. Multi User Detection Multiple Transmit Multiple Receive Data Link Layer
Effective start/end date01/01/200231/12/2004