<strong>M-commerce - Mobil-commerce strategies for SMV </strong>

  • Lindgren, Peter (Project Participant)
  • Gram, Sarah (Project Participant)

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    The M-commerce project is a joint research project between researchers from University of Aalborg (project administrators), University of Southern Denmark, and Aarhus School of Business. The total budget is DKK 3.8 M and the project runs until January 2010.

    The overall objective is to develop - along with the companies involved - business models applicable for exploring and exploiting new opportunities made available by mobile technology (m-commerce) while at the same time studying some of the human dimensions enabling and/or blocking the commercialization processes.

    M-commerce refers to transactions (with a commercial potential) that are conducted via a mobile network.  M-commerce may be one way to pave the way for increasing cost efficiency, reduction of storage capacity, labour, etc. as well as a means to increase value in products and processes. Moreover, mobile technologies enable firms to develop whole new products and services. With reference to the latter potential, M-commerce appears to be of particular relevance to SMEs and their potential for growing and penetrating the global market.

    The field study runs over a period of approximately 18 months and includes archival data as well as direct data provided by semi-structured interviews and action research methodology. The project is coordinated by Peter Lindgren.

    For further information please contact Associate Professor Peter Lindgren Center for Industrial Production / International Center for Innovation: pel(a)production.aau.dk
    Effective start/end date01/10/200731/12/2009


    • IKT Korridoren (Forsknings og innovationsstyrelsen)


    • mobile media
    • mobile commerce


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