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The overall objective is to initiate the creation of an industrially applicable tool for Risk Informed Structural Integrity Management for Offshore Wind Farms based on Structural Health Monitoring and Digital Twin technology.The tool combines Risk Based Inspection planning (RBI) with the Digital Twin (DT). Each of the methodologies are separately applied in the offshore oil & gas industry, whereas they are still new to the offshore wind industry. In combination the two methodologies will make a novel and outstanding integrity management system for offshore wind farms and offshore structures in general. The idea is to combine the two technologies into one efficient tool for risk informed integrity management of offshore wind farms based on the information from the digital twin.
The present bridge building project between academia and industry aims to establish a roadmap for the development and implementation of a novel and industry leading best practice for risk and resilience informed integrity management for wind turbine facilities at the level of offshore wind turbine parks. This essentially means that all interconnected structural, mechanical, electrical and controls systems of wind turbine parks as well as the organizational systems managing these will be modelled. The concept of digital twins will be utilized as basis for this modeling, and observable characteristics of the performances of these systems will be utilized – using modern Big Data technology and AI - to ensure that models are continuously updated to reflect
reality (in terms of key integrity related performances) as close as possible.
The development and implementation of this idea will provide a next major step towards sustainable societal developments, it will show how digitalization and cyber-physical systems technology may be realized in practice – and thus significantly push the frontier of technological developments towards the urgently needed new paradigm towards sustainable management of the built environment.

The project is a Knowledge Brokerage Project under Energy Cluster Denmark and is supported by the Ministry of Education and Research.

Key findings

A roadmap and testing of key features for future inspection and maintenance planning.
Effective start/end date01/02/202131/01/2022

Collaborative partners

  • LICengineering A/S
  • Vattenfall
  • Matrisk


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