To upgrade or not to upgrade: Issues for consideration upgrading old apartment buildings

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This paper identifies the key indicators that owners need to take into account in order to choose the most affordable extent of upgrading of a typical post-1945 building. The exterior look of the building is not to be changed. Indicators include measures, risk assessment related to the changes in the building physics provided by upgrading measures as well as costs and savings needed to achieve different levels of energy savings. The extent of “Upgrade level 2”, and “Upgrade level 1” defined in the Danish Building Regulations from 2015 are addressed and seen to be reachable. However, it is recommended not to carry out upgrading of a building by adding thermal insulation to the internal side of the external wall. The upgrading measures are seen to result in constructions less robust to moisture than before upgrading and costs that cannot be paid back by energy savings. Analysing tools like Be15, HEAT2 and WUFI Light were used for the investigations. Finally, the owner is recommended to upgrade by adding thermal insulation on to the exterior side of the exterior walls, which will indeed change the look of the building.
Translated title of the contributionAt energirnenovere eller ikke at energirenovere: Spørgsmål til overvejelse vedrørende energirenovering af gamle etageejendomme
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of 8th Nordic Passive House Conference PHN17 : Adaptive and Interactive Buildings and Disrticts
EditorsRiikka Holopainen, Ville Raasakka
Number of pages10
PublisherPassivhus Norden
Publication date27 Sep 2017
ISBN (Electronic)978-951-758-621-4
Publication statusPublished - 27 Sep 2017
Event8th Nordic Passive House Conference: Adaptive and interactive buildings and districts - Helsinki, Finland
Duration: 27 Sep 201729 Sep 2017


Conference8th Nordic Passive House Conference
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8. Nordic Passive House Conference PHN17: Adaptive and Interactive Buildings and Districts: Finland, Tampere, 27-29 September 2017


  • Upgrade
  • Upgrading level
  • Affordable
  • Extent
  • Apartment building
  • Post-1945
  • Measures
  • Savings
  • Risks


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