Effects of Anacetrapib in Patients with Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease

Louise Bowman, Jemma C Hopewell, Fang Chen, Karl Wallendszus, William Stevens, Rory Collins, Stephen D Wiviott, Christopher P Cannon, Eugene Braunwald, Emily Sammons, Martin J Landray, HPS3/TIMI55–REVEAL Collaborative Group, Erik Berg Schmidt (Member of study group), Pia Thisted Dinesen (Member of study group), Anders Gammelmark (Member of study group), Thomas Andersen Rix (Member of study group), Henrik Vadmann (Member of study group), Karen Petrea Andersen (Member of study group), B. Christensen (Member of study group), Lotte Hessing Kobbelgaard (Member of study group)Birgitte Charlotte Mikkelsen, Mette Storgaard Pedersen, Christian Torp-Pedersen

Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

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