Immigrant's Participation in Civil Society

  • May, David Matthias (Projektdeltager)



    The main idea of this project is to analyze the participation of immigrants in civil society and the impact of this participation on their life trajectories. The institutions of civil society form an important part of various kinds of networks, such as professional networks, circles of acquaintance, etc., and therefore allow immigrants to gain access to these networks. At the same time, participation in civil society opens immigrants the possibility to take part in the general reproduction of society. The interaction of immigrants and natives in institutions of civil society allows for two outcomes: On the one hand, it could reduce racism and xenophobia on the part of the natives. On the other hand, it opens for the immigrants new perspectives and en-tries to the new society, e.g. immigrants can get access to informal help by natives, gain recognition, and - in the long run - obtain influence over the respective institution. Yet if a society tends to be closed for newcomers, this will also show in the exclusive practice of its civil society. Because participation in civil society fulfils such a central task, this study will make an important contribution to the understanding of immigrant life trajectories in Denmark, but also to a general theory of incorporation and adaptation of immigrants through civil society. Research on this project was started in 2001, first and foremost with focus on the existing associations and their members in the City of Aalborg.
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