Realistic Real-Time Visualization for Augmented Reality



    In support of real-time interactive Augmented Reality (AR) applications a flexible software system for handling the visualization processes associated with AR is being developed. The system is aimed at supporting photo-realistic AR, and therefore handles occlusions between virtual and real geometry, as well as consistent lighting between virtual and real scene elements. Regarding illumination conditions this effort utilizes techniques developed under project CoSPE. A particular feature of the system is that it operates with separate representations of the real and virtual scene elements so as to ensure correct occlusions and to be able to generate the virtual shadows of the virtual objects (virtual shadows cast also on real objects). The system can operate in video-see-through mode (where the real world is recorded with a camera and the image displayed to the user), or in optical-see-through mode, where the user sees the real world in see-through Head Mounted Displays. The effort is aiming at developing a stand-alone general-purpose AR system based on a standard computer, a flat panel screen and a video camera. The system will be used to demonstrate state-of-the-art realistic AR, e.g., for edutainment applications. (Claus B. Madsen, Rune Laursen, Erik Granum)
    Effektiv start/slut dato19/05/2010 → …


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