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  • sj-pdf-1-ueg-10.1177_2050640620934911 - Supplemental material for European Guideline on IgG4-related digestive disease – UEG and SGF evidence-based recommendations

    Frulloni, L. (Creator), Lammert, F. (Creator), Beuers, U. (Creator), Matos, C. (Contributor), Marchegiani, G. (Contributor), Dominguez-Munoz, E. (Contributor), Hackert, T. (Creator), Hegyi, P. (Contributor), L?hr, J. (Contributor), Parniczky, A. (Creator), Mucelli, R. M. P. (Creator), Culver, E. L. (Creator), Kuryata, O. (Contributor), Vries, N. D. (Contributor), Kartalis, N. (Creator), Laghi, A. (Creator), Alvaro, D. (Creator), Lindgren, F. (Creator), Witt, H. (Creator), group, T. U. G. W. (Creator), Dominguez-Mu~noz, E. (Contributor), Rosendahl, J. (Creator), Laghi, A. (Creator), Verbeke, C. S. (Creator), Filippova, O. (Contributor), Oguz, D. (Contributor), Satoi, S. (Contributor), L?hr, J. (Contributor), Kleger, A. (Contributor), Laukkarinen, J. (Contributor), Kahraman, A. (Contributor), Iglesias-Garcia, J. (Creator), Fukuda, A. (Contributor), Duman, D. G. (Creator), Ewald, N. (Creator), Schleinitz, N. (Creator), de-Madaria, E. (Contributor), Chiaro, M. D. (Contributor), Vujasinovic, M. (Creator), Verheij, J. (Contributor), Oracz, G. (Creator), Frøkjær, J. B. (Contributor), Schneider, A. (Creator), Detlefsen, S. (Creator), Marschall, H. (Contributor), Okhlobystin, A. (Creator), Jonas, E. (Contributor), Czubkowski, P. (Creator), van Bommel, E. F. (Contributor), Stone, J. H. (Contributor), Pukitis, A. (Contributor), Bruno, M. J. (Contributor), Hart, P. A. (Contributor), Della-Torre, E. (Creator), Rebours, V. (Creator), Buttgereit, F. (Creator), Besselink, M. G. (Contributor), Vullierme, M. P. (Creator), Czak?, L. (Contributor), Molad, Y. (Contributor), Capurso, G. (Creator), Gaujoux, S. (Contributor), Lerch, M. M. (Contributor) & Gubergrits, N. (Creator), Sage Journals, 1 Jan 2020


  • European Guideline on IgG4-related digestive disease – UEG and SGF evidence-based recommendations

    Okhlobystin, A. (Creator), Frøkjær, J. B. (Contributor), Gubergrits, N. (Creator), Schleinitz, N. (Creator), Verbeke, C. S. (Creator), Alvaro, D. (Creator), Verheij, J. (Contributor), Chiaro, M. D. (Contributor), Kleger, A. (Contributor), Parniczky, A. (Creator), Beuers, U. (Creator), Czak?, L. (Contributor), Vullierme, M. P. (Creator), Rebours, V. (Creator), group, T. U. G. W. (Creator), Marchegiani, G. (Contributor), Bruno, M. J. (Contributor), Della-Torre, E. (Creator), Hegyi, P. (Contributor), Laghi, A. (Creator), Kartalis, N. (Creator), Oracz, G. (Creator), Hart, P. A. (Contributor), Frulloni, L. (Creator), Duman, D. G. (Creator), Laghi, A. (Creator), Iglesias-Garcia, J. (Creator), Besselink, M. G. (Contributor), Capurso, G. (Creator), Dominguez-Mu~noz, E. (Contributor), Molad, Y. (Contributor), Ewald, N. (Creator), Lerch, M. M. (Contributor), Kahraman, A. (Contributor), Detlefsen, S. (Creator), Gaujoux, S. (Contributor), Buttgereit, F. (Creator), Satoi, S. (Contributor), Rosendahl, J. (Creator), Mucelli, R. M. P. (Creator), L?hr, J. (Contributor), Culver, E. L. (Creator), L?hr, J. (Contributor), Czubkowski, P. (Creator), Oguz, D. (Contributor), Vujasinovic, M. (Creator), Hackert, T. (Creator), Matos, C. (Contributor), Laukkarinen, J. (Contributor), Lindgren, F. (Creator), Stone, J. H. (Contributor), Dominguez-Munoz, E. (Contributor), Filippova, O. (Contributor), de-Madaria, E. (Contributor), Lammert, F. (Creator), Fukuda, A. (Contributor), Marschall, H. (Contributor), Vries, N. D. (Contributor), Kuryata, O. (Contributor), Jonas, E. (Contributor), van Bommel, E. F. H. (Contributor), Witt, H. (Creator), Pukitis, A. (Contributor) & Schneider, A. (Creator), Sage Journals, 1 Jan 2020


  • Additional file 3: Table S3. of Outcome of breast cancer screening in Denmark

    von Euler-Chelpin, M. (Contributor), Bak, M. (Creator), Lernevall, A. (Creator), Mogensen, N. B. (Creator), Wronecki, A. J. (Creator), Schwartz, W. (Creator), Kroman, N. (Creator), Lynge, E. (Creator) & Vejborg, I. (Creator), Figshare, 1 Jan 2017