FLEXIfuel - Optimizing fuel flexibility through high quality bio-oils (The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, Sino-Danish collaboration)

Project Details


Although biomass is a global resource, it is highly diverse in nature and availability, and conversion technologies need to be adapted not only to the feedstock, but also to the end use profile, ie the biomass products desired. The project focuses on bio-oils, from biocrudes to pyrolysis oils and liquid biofuels based on syngas. The project will center around thermochemical conversion techniques for these biofuels, with extensions to local feedstock use and preparation as well as issues regarding end use of the biofuels such as mixing, storage stability, physical properties and chemical reactivity. As feedstocks, both dedicated energy crops as well as agro-industrial and organic urban waste streams will be included. The thermochemical conversion processes targeted in the project are catalytic liquefaction of wet biomass feedstock, and entrained flow gasification and fast pyrolysis of dry biomass feedstock. These technologies have been pinpointed for high conversion rates (eg catalytic liquefaction retaining more than 70% of the energy of the feedstock in the product [1]) and significant potential, as well as existing competences in the research teams. During the work, investigation of feedstock composition and physical properties will be related to optimum process conditions, possibilities of local production including heat integration and other process optimization measures, and finally impact on product quality and possible end user applications. Work will be performed using a combination of state-of-the-art experimental facilities, computational methods and theoretical studies, and the aim is to significantly advance the implementation of large scale use of bio-oils in China and Denmark. Bilateral seminars, researcher exchange and product sharing are integral parts.
Effective start/end date01/01/201131/07/2015