Internationalization and Inter-cultural Competence in Grundfos and H. Lundbeck

  • Østergaard, Kristian Lange, (Project Participant)


This research project is made in collaboration with Grundfos and H. Lundbeck.

In short I aim to produce an analytical understanding of how internationalization impacts on the day-to-day jobs of a selected number of leaders at Grundfos and H. Lundbeck and how these leaders go about handling this. In greater detail I wish to understand how the selected leaders understand the interplay created when they interact with an actor from a different national culture within either company. 'Intra-organizational inter-cultural interplay' conceptualizes this interplay. The handling hereof is conceptualized through the concept of 'inter-cultural competence'.

In continuation of the above I aim to identify and clarify the variation of both of the above in each company and collectively.

Effective start/end date01/08/200831/07/2011


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