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In the REBUS partnership, parties from the whole of the building industry’s value chain have joined forces to boost sustainable building renovations for the benefit of users, industry and society. The vision is to create a unique collaboration in the building industry, which unite REnovation and BUSiness = RE-BUS, and at the same time fulfill the goals to reduce energy consumption by 50%, reduce resource consumption by 30%, and achieve an increase in productivity of 20%.

REBUS focuses on social housing from the 1960-70’s, due to their major renovation potential, and because of high and organized demand. At the same time, there is strong export potential due to similarity with buildings and markets in Europe.

Current challenges in the building industry such as low degree of industrialization and standardization, high degree of impact uncertainty and contractual and cooperation challenges, are targeted in REBUS through development and demonstration of:

- Strategic collaborations and organizations, which secure long-term development, flexibility and optimal logistics
- Industrial technical solutions for facades and installations
- Digital performance models for controlling and documenting effective renovations, which secure e.g. healthy indoor environment and good functionality.

Building owners in REBUS make buildings available for full scale demonstrations, companies anchor the solutions into scalable business services, RTO and universities secure the scientific foundation and disseminate the project results to the building sector.
Effective start/end date15/03/201614/03/2020

Collaborative partners

  • NCC
  • COWI A/S
  • Henning Larsen Architects A/S
  • Saint-Gobain Nordic A/S
  • Himmerland Boligforening
  • Frederikshavn Boligforening
  • Danish Technological Institute
  • Technical University of Denmark


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