Cables for HVDC Offshore Transmission Networks

  • Camara, Felipe (PI (principal investigator))
  • Silva, Filipe Miguel Faria da (PI (principal investigator))
  • Correia de Barros, Maria Teresa (Projektdeltager)
  • Siqueira Lima, Antonio (Projektdeltager)



The overall objective of CABOTioN is the development of an innovative approach for identification of per-unit-length parameters of submarine DC cables and a straightforward interface with simulation tools. The applicant will resort to up-to-date formulations to design a special-purpose tool to compute electrical parameters considerably faster than the Finite Element Method without a significant loss of accuracy. Therefore, evaluations will be conducted to assess the enhancements achieved with a more accurate model and compared with the common practice and measurements.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/202131/01/2024


  • Instituto Superior Tecnico Lisboa
  • Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro


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