The brain controls our movements, level of consciousness, memory, senses etc. In several projects we focus on quantitative methods for recording and analysis of the brain activity via the EEG for use in development of diagnostic and therapeutic methods and equipment. Also experimental research utilising the EEG to gain more knowledge of the function of our brain and body is done. Methods and systems for diagnosis of sleep disorders in terms of macro and micro sleep descriptions have been developed, and the methods are now used in clinically and experimentally oriented research. Especially the relation between sleep and pain has been investigated in collaboration with clinical partners from Copenhagen University Hospital, Glostrup, and Aalborg Hospital. Evoked Potentials (EP), used for analysis on motor control and in rehabilitation, especially communication via a computer - Brain Computer Interface - in movement impaired patients using Steady State Visual Evoked Potentials (SS_VEP), is being investigated. (Kim Dremstrup Nielsen)
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