Integrated Battery Energy Storage and STATCOM for the Optimal Operation and Control of WPP in Power System



The project aims to develop an integrated power electronic system with the battery energy storage (BESS) system incorporated into the modular multilevel converter (MMC) topology. Such a system can provide the multiple functionalities by virtue of active and reactive power control capability and increased control-bandwidth for harmonic filtering and active damping of resonances, thereby improving the efficiency and controllability of the WPP operation.
The project will combine the existing knowledge and skills in different isolated components like the MMC STATCOM, BESS and APF and produce an integrated device suitable for connection at the grid level. Control and operation of such a device will be investigated, and its performance (with respect to the different functional services) evaluated through real-time as well as offline simulation models.
Thus, the proposed device is based upon existing individual devices, which will be scaled up for application at the transmission system levels. Modularity and scalability will be very critical for such applications. At the same time, the control system should provide stability and robustness. Their integration and development of a unified control strategy is the key innovation which is expected to provide better utilization of the equipment and hence a reduction in the operational cost.
Since it is an altogether new integrated device, it will take at least a few years before it gets commercial acceptance from the industry and the power grid operators.
The overall success criteria for the project is measured in terms of the stability and feasibility of the proposed product. The stability will be assessed and measured through standard small signal and harmonic stability models. The technical and commercial feasibility of the proposed product would be evaluated as a distinct work package.
The project success would be demonstrated through theoretical investigations as well as model-development and their simulations. It intends to develop a new product and demonstrate it through simulation in close collaboration with the industry and end-users so as
Kort titelIBESS
Effektiv start/slut dato01/10/201830/09/2021


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