Internationalization of Companies from Transition Economies



The aim of the project is to develop knowledge and insights on how companies from transition economies internationalize their activities and become integrated into global business networks. The project´s key activities are the hosting of biannual international conferences, including Ph.D.-courses and doctorial students from Lithuania visting the International Business Economics Research Group (IVØ-Gruppen) at Aalborg University. Partners: International Business Economics Research Group, Department of Business Studies, Aalborg University; Vilnius University, Lithuania; Centre for International Business and Economic Research (CIBER), Lithuania; Uppsala University, Sweden; Tartu University, Estonia; Hamburg University of Economics and Politics, Germany; University of Antwerpen Management School, and Knowledge Economy Forum, Lithuania. The First International Conference on "International Business in Transition Economies" held at Vilnius University, Kaunas Faculty of Humanities, November 11-13, 2000, Kaunas-Lithuania with 40 participants. The Second International Conference on "International Business in Transition Economies" held at Le Meridien Villon Hotel Vilnius, September, 12-14, 2002. Vilnius-Lithuania with 60 participants. The Third International Conference on ?International Business in Transition Economies? will be held in 2004 in Riga hosted by the Stockholm Business School in Riga. The papers from the conferences are published as Proceedings and a selcetion of the best papers are published in a Special Issue of an international journal.
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